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Waste plastic oil refining project

Writer:Nengxing    time:05/02/2021

Equipment overview: Waste plastics can be refined directly without cleaning and sorting, which can avoid pollution and bring economic benefits.

Technical advantages:

1.It has three major waste discharge systems (waste residue, waste water, and exhaust gas): during the refining process, it is pollution-free and safe, and it can also decompose raw materials such as crude asphalt, carbon black, and carbon powder.

2.The latest catalytic cracking oilification technology: Due to the different composition of waste plastics, its cracking behavior and products are also different in the reverse process.

3.Catalytic cracking products such as PP and PE:

a.Hydrocarbon gases (C1-C4) account for 6%;

b.Oil products (gasoline carbon molecules are C5-C11, diesel carbon molecules are C12-C20, heavy oil carbon molecules are C20) account for 80%;

c.Asphalt accounts for 10%;

d.Water accounts for 4%.

Waste plastic to oil equipment

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