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Waste tire refining project

Writer:Nengxing    time:24/10/2020

Equipment overview: Waste tire oil refining equipment produces gasoline and diesel at one time through cracking and pyrolyzing. Smokeless, tasteless, no secondary pollution, no three wastes discharged.

Equipment advantages:

1.Patent characteristics: It adopts the characteristic patent of the reverse process developed by Nengxing Technology Co., Ltd. This process is the first at home and abroad. The oil output speed is fast, the reaction speed is fast, and the processing speed is 3-4 times that of other processes.

2.Cost performance is high: the most advanced technology, the lowest price and the best quality.

3.Small size: small footprint, large processing capacity.

4.Long service life: with a special anti-corrosion structure, the service life is as long as 16 years.

5.High safety: normal pressure, environmental protection universal equipment, with anti-backfire device.

6.Low raw material requirements: no need cleaning, no need sorting.

7.Feeding raw material, discharging residues and producing oil continuously.

8.Saving energy

9.Good oil: fractionally distill out oils of different grades. The oil is clear and transparent, never regains its color, and can be used directly.

10.Environmental protection: no smoke and taste, no secondary pollution, no three wastes discharged. No other noise. 

Principle: Three unique systems

1.Slag discharge system: slag discharge at room temperature, with safe slag discharge, fast speed, clean and high quality.

2.Environmental protection system: scientifically treat waste residue, waste gas, and waste water.

3.Desulfurization system: The desulfurization device in the working process of the equipment can remove the sulfur contained in the raw materials. 

Waste tire to oil equipment