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Water as fuel project

Writer:Nengxing    time:05/02/2021

Hydrogen energy is the most ideal clean energy. The hydrogen-oxygen ion separation technology of non-electrolytic normal temperature and normal water makes the combustion of water no longer a legend; this historic breakthrough has also subverted people's common perception.


By pyrolysis method ——water, seawater, rain water, snow water or filtered sewage will be immediately burned as long as it passes through the water-fuel plasma generator at a temperature of 499℃ to 999℃ and a pressure of 0.19MPa to 0.39MPa. 

Split water into hydrogen and oxygen plasma as fuel ——The combustion calorific value of plasma hydrogen and oxygen generated by water is 2.69-3 times that of gasoline (10,000 CAL) and 6 times that of standard coal (5,000 CAL). 

Hydrogen burns with oxygen helping to combust——this partner called hydrogen fuel, which is 2.7 times hotter than gasoline. If you use an NX catalyst, the heat energy is higher.


Using primeval fire as external energy: primeval fire optional fuel coal, firewood, grass, fuel oil, fuel gas, etc, when hydrogen plasma generator is working, reducing the primeval fire, can save energy more than 70% by this method.

Only use external energy when starting the equipment: Hydrogen ions and oxygen ions are ignited and burned by the electronic spark plug in the inner tube of the hydrogen plasma generator, when hydrogen plasma generator is working, stopping the external energy, can save energy more than 90% by this method.

Application range

National defense fuel: Spaceflight, aircraft carrier

Industrial fuels: Power plant, metallurgical steelmaking

Vehicle fuel: Various vehicles, military fire protection

Civil fuels: Kitchen fuel, agricultural fuel


Using pyrolysis - Water burning hydrogen plasma generator (XN - H2O plasma generator)makes water to produce hydrogen has great social effect and economic benefit;  As a water fuel - hydrogen plasma generator with high efficiency, pollution-free, noise-free and wide application and other advantages, it can uniquely make water into hydrogen fuel. Water resources are abundant and recyclable, 71% of the earth is covered by the ocean, and hydrogen separation from water is inexhaustible.

This project has a broad development prospect, allowing you to sucessfully realize an investment and permanent benefits. 

The development of hydrogen economy is undoubtedly a strong blessing for all walks of life.

 It is the ultimate solution to the future human energy crisis by using hydrogen energy.

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