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Ignite the energy-saving engine, will take off with the world environmental protection

Writer:Nengxing    time:04/12/2020

Nengxing Technology-"Ignite the energy-saving engine, will take off with the world environmental protection"

Clean energy is one of the important ways to realize low-carbon environmental protection and the development of new energy technology. Our country is continuing and improving measures in industrialization and urbanization of energy supply guarantees. It is also increasing its efforts to promote the balanced, rapid and healthy development of the original energy "coal, firewood, grass, electricity and natural gas" industrial chain in the upper, middle and lower reaches, so as to promote the power of China to accelerate the transformation of the energy structure. New energy equipment will be the most advantageous tool and grasp of the above measures, so the improvement and development of new energy technology has become a top priority.

Hydrogen energy is recognized as a clean energy and is emerging as a low-carbon and zero-carbon energy source. Hydrogen energy can also be called a secondary energy source. It is produced by using other energy sources in a certain way, unlike coal, oil, and natural gas that can be directly mined.

In recent years, as hydrogen energy utilization technology has matured and the pressure to cope with climate change continues to increase, hydrogen energy has attracted worldwide attention. It has been incorporated into our country's energy strategy and has become a strategic choice for our country to optimize its energy consumption structure and ensure the security of national energy supply. The birth of the plasma generator produced by China Nengxing Technology has fired the first breakthrough in the clean energy industry. It has truly realized that water is used as a fuel without any media and catalysts. It can generate powerful heat only through the pyrolysis plasma generator and to burn directly. There is no need for secondary transformation, and it is a convenient advantage of this equipment to be directly used in processing enterprises and industrial boilers. The calorific value generated by it is 2-3 times that of gasoline and 6 times that of standard coal. Energy saving can reach 70%-90%. This project has applied for a national patent and is now in the market launch stage. The hydrogen plasma generator is like an engine of the hydrogen energy industry. It can drive the rapid development of high-end equipment manufacturing, and it will take off with the world's environmental protection.