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Representatives put forward solutions for waste tires at the National People′s Congress and The Chin

Writer:Nengxing    time:12/10/2020

On 5 March, 2017, the National People’s Congress and The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference which attract attention from people all around the world kicked off, for tire industries, the National People’s Congress and The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference this year has handed in < Suggestions for increasing policies support for processing and recycling of waste tires>. Our country generate a lot of waste tires every year, only in 2015, the number of generated waste tires all around the world was about 330 million, that is about 12 million tons, and it is increasing at 8% to 10% every year. Xiaolin Li who is member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Linda Group, his topic point of penetration is waste tires from vehicle.

Xiaolin Li said, waste tires are "black pollution" with severe harm, large amount of waste tires piled up and occupy the land source, pollute the environment, hazardous to health, cause enormous waste of resources and potential safety hazard. If the waste tires are directly burned, that will produce persistent organic pollutant such as dioxin and furan and heavy metal pollutant such as zinc, cadmium, nickel and lead, the traditional ways of landfilling and burning waste tires have been prohibited in some developed countries, because it will cause damage to the environment. Our country have no time to delay to boost recycle of waste tires.

Xiaolin Li said, at present waste tires are treated by recycle processing, renovating waste tires, making regenerated rubber and rubber power with waste tires and "thermal pyrolysis" of waste tires. Xiaolin Li explained, the "hot pyrolysis" technology can resolve waste tires to 45% fuel oil, 35% carbon black, 10% steel wire and 10% combustible gas, with great economic value. To be different from "refining oil with old ways, "thermal pyrolysis" can realize full recovery of all kinds of resources in waste tires, not polluting environment, it belongs to recycling economy and field of saving energy and decreasing emission.

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