Analysis of waste oil regeneration and refining

Writer:Nengxing    time:17/04/2020

Waste engine oil is the waste lube oil which is replaced from a variety of machinery, vehicles and ships. The produce process is that the lubricating oil is polluted in using process by the outside world and produce a large number of colloid and oxide, consequently reducing or even losing its control friction, reduce wear, cooling, sealing isolation, reduce vibration and other effects, so it has to be replaced. In the composition of waste engine oil, except for the 2% to 10% metamorphism, the other 90% ~ 98% are good ingredients, which can be completely recycled. The source of waste engine oil: (waste oil was replaced from all kinds of automobile repair shop, large motorcycle maintenance station, every factories and mining large machinery, ships, agricultural vehicles, farm machinery, water pumps, tractors, transformer, generator set, power unit, etc.), the purchase price of waste engine oil (based on the average price of the national market) : about RMB 2500 Yuan per ton.

The lube oil is widely used in vehicles, ships, the engine in all kinds of industry machinery, transmission, gear and the turbine gears quenched, lubrication, water tank and cooling system, automatic transmissions, gear oil (used in manual transmissions), brake and clutch system, crankcase, transformer in electrical power system and all kinds of mechanical transmission parts and so on, the useful range is very wide. No matter the large machinery, ships, or big cars and small cars, their engine oil must be exchanged at least once a month, but as we all know the price of engine oil is very high, even in this case, all units have to use engine oil, and the consumption will only increase but not decrease.

Industrial economy in China is developing steadily, the quantity of vehicles, ships and machinery has also been increasing, the demand for lube oil is growing gradually, combined with existing oil storage quantity, the increased difficulty of drilling for oil and the demand for lube oil, the regenerated base oil from waste oil becoming the raw material for each lube oil manufactures, they will try their best to purchase it due to its advanced technology, abundant raw materials, easy to collect, a large amount of stable supply products, production costs low and other advantages, so the market prospect is pretty good.