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A major breakthrough for Chinese scientists! Straw to oil refining technology creates a new mileston

Writer:Nengxing    time:11/01/2021

  Straw grass has always been used as the original fuel in the countryside for direct combustion and heating, but both the calorific value of the combustion and the degree of environmental pollution make the direct combustion of straw grass an insignificant original fuel!

  The "Straw to oil" project developed by China Shenyang Nengxing Technology Co., Ltd. uses advanced technology to put crushed straw, rice and wheat husks and other raw materials into the feed inlet.

  After entering the high-pressure airtight cabin, after a high temperature of 700 degrees, straw, wood chips, rice husk and other particles are liquefied through biomass pyrolysis under anaerobic conditions, so that the cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and other macromolecules in the biomass will be degraded and changed from solid to gaseous state. Then it wil be cooled by a cooling tower, from a gaseous state to a liquid state, and finally converted into more valuable raw materials such as biomass oil and carbon powder.

  Throughout the refining process of "Straw Refining Oil", the raw materials continuously regenerate and refine oil through the equipment cycle, thereby the utilization rate of extraction is improved to the maximum extent. The resulting toner can also be directly used for soil improvement to improve the yield and quality of crops!

  This kind of biomass oil refined from straw grass is a mixed fuel composed of various degradable substances such as cellulose and lignin. It does not contain sulfur, nitrogen and heavy metal components, and can directly replace existing heavy oil, diesel, natural gas, etc., and directly apply to boilers, kilns, smelting and other fields.

  At present, the annual output of natural raw materials such as straw and wheat husk in China is quite amazing. The "Straw and Grass Refining Oil" project developed by China Shenyang Nengxing Technology Co., Ltd. can greatly increase the utilization rate of natural raw materials and product value! Through a complete set of modern processes (drying, crushing, condensation, collection), the biomass is pyrolyzed and liquefied into biomass oil. For China Shenyang Nengxing Technology Company, the "Straw Refinery Oil" project is only one of its many projects. Currently, the company has a number of internationally leading high-end energy projects. The company focuses on the development and application of new energy, and is committed to the professional technology research of water as fuel, cracking and pyrolyzing conversion of gasoline, diesel and beverages from straw&grass, tires, plastics, clothing, waste oil, lubricating oil, etc.; and patented by my country Intellectual Property Office The bureau has declared a number of national patents.