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Shenyang Nengxing Technology Co., Ltd. take part in (EIA) expert review meeting

Writer:Nengxing    time:13/10/2020

Construct green enterprises, adhere to the green business, improve the environmental protection system, implement environmental responsibility, cherish the sustainable use of resources, green environment, purify minkinds soul.

Waste plastic waste tires such garbage is the misplaced resources, Recycle waste into treasure and love our Earth by starting from bit by bit.


Shenyang Nengxing Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the economic and technological development zone of Shenyang. It’s a professional organization which devotes itself to research cracking & pyrolysis of straw, grass, waste plastic, rubber, waste oil and asphalt after mixed fermentation or crack & pyrolysis them independently, and to research, develop and manufacture the equipment which uses the above materials for producing gasoline and diesel oil. Nano carbon reduction, energy regeneration, oil purification, oil cracking catalysts, micro-emulsion fuel, ethanol gasoline, diesel oil, base oil, lube oil, shale oil, ethyl alcohol, brewing wine, drinking technologies; research, development and manufacturing of sets of environmental equipment, those have gotten many national patents --- patent numbers: ZL03284657.6 (this has been transferred to Hong Kong, they invested 200,000,000 HKD for developing new environmental energy), ZL200720013944.8,ZL20112 0236078.5 ,ZL201610299760.6, ZL201620409770.6……


At present, we have successfully researched and developed environmental non-automatic, semi-automatic, fully automatic and large-scale continuous industrial production line for cracking and pyrolysis of straw, grass, waste plastic, rubber, waste oil and asphalt by mixed fermentation or independent fermentation to transform them into gasoline, diesel oil, base oil, lube oil, carbon black and natural gas. The equipment has special antirot structure, with long working life, the process and technology of "constant temperature heat, fermentation in short time and cracking and pyrolysis, hot air-tight seal" and so on. It can realize charging raw material, discharging residues and getting final oil continuously in 24 hours at high temperature. The gas can be treated by the gas treatment device and supply heat for itself, so the first 45 minutes need external energy and after that it can work by using the heat from itself, saving external energy. The process of cracking & pyrolysis after mixed fermentation and independent cracking & pyrolysis, reached and developed by our company, takes full advantage of organics that they will be cracked and pyrolysed after fermentation. That greatly shortens the transformation period, and increases the species of raw material from human household garbage which used for being transferred to gasoline and diesel oil. The equipments, which produce gasoline and diesel oil by developed by cracking & pyrolysis of straw grass, waste plastic, rubber, waste oil and asphalt after mixed fermentation and produce fuel oil and natural gas, manufactured by Shenyang Nengxing Technology Co., Ltd. have had successful operation and production in ---- Bosnia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, North Korea, South Korea, Burma, Mongolia, Qatar. America invested 5,000,000 USD and Hong Kong invested 200,000,000 HKD to use the equipment and technology of our patent ZL03284657.6. Please kindly check for getting video, pictures and data.


Shenyang Nengxing Technology insist on the development guideline " Technology innovation, International leading, Energy recycling generation, Turning waste into wealth, benefit mankind" . Take protecting the environment and developing circular economy as its mission.