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Waste oil refining project

Writer:Nengxing    time:24/10/2020

The unique tube-kettle combined catalytic thermal cracking reaction system replaces the original tubular system and integrates the functions of the kettle-type reaction system. No need for preheating, large processing capacity, high yield and excellent product quality.

Range of raw materials

1. Waste oil (waste diesel, waste engine oil, waste wash oil, waste oil residue, etc.);

2. Waste crude oil, etc.

Equipment overview:

1. Tube-kettle combined catalytic thermal cracking reactor

The cracking speed of raw materials is improved, the preheating process of raw materials is avoided, and continuous large processing capacity is realized.

2. Slag discharge system

The unique automatic high temperature continuous slag discharge system has the advantages of fast slag discharge and clean slag discharge.

3. Environmental protection system

In addition to the environmental protection system with slag discharge and wastewater discharge, the wet flue dust removal and dry S-shaped dust blocking system designed by our company have a dust removal rate of more than 95%.

4. Gas physical and chemical index processing system

The gas physical and chemical index processing system in the equipment can dissolve, absorb and precipitate NH3, H2S, SO2 and other gases through physical reaction, chemical neutralization, and discharge without pollution.

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