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Writer:Nengxing    time:16/12/2020

Waste oil refining equipment

The unique tube-kettle combined catalytic thermal cracking reaction system replaces the original tubular system and integrates the functions of the kettle-type reaction system. No need for preheating, large processing capacity, high yield and excellent product quality.

Ⅰ. Range of raw materials

 1.Waste oil (waste diesel, waste engine oil, waste wash oil, waste oil residue, etc.);

 2.Waste crude oil, etc.

Ⅱ.The advanced nature of NX equipment

 1.Patent characteristics

  The equipment uses the reverse process of Chinese patent inventor-Guan Lixiang. This process is the initiation at home and abroad. It can produce oil quickly and 

  react quickly with tube and kettle combination. The speed of processing is 3-4 times of other processes.

 2.The material of the equipment is good and its price is low.

  In the same technical field, our equipments are the most advanced, the price are the cheapest and have the best quality. 

 3.Size is small.

  The equipment is small. Its floor space is small but the processing capacity is great. 

 4.The usable life is long.

  The equipment has special anti-corrosion structure, and its usable life can last 16 years.

 5.Security is high.

  The equipment is with normal pressure, environmental and multi-functional equipment. It has anti-back fire device. It greatly improves the safety of the equipment. The   specific functions of anti-back fire device are: make the gas to reach the physical and chemical standard, filtrates the gas, anti-back fire.     

 6.The requirement for raw materials is low.

  The raw materials don’t need to be cleaned or classified.

 7.Feeding raw material, discharging residues and producing oil continuously.

  In the high-temperature, it can feed raw materials, discharge residues and produce oil at normal temperature. There is no smoke, no secondary pollution. It is 

  environmental protection for the whole production and suitable for certain scale with batch production. 

 8.Saving energy

  The gas which is processed by gas-treatment device can provide self-heating. The former 45 minutes need outside energy, the further energy can be generated through 

  the device itself, greatly save the external energy.


 9.The quality of oil is good.

  Our equipments can produce oil at one time. The fractionating tower has special structure; we do not need to add catalysts in the reacting, meanwhile separate out 

  oil of different grades. The oil can immediately become clear and transparent, and never back to original color. The quality of the oil complies with Euro Ⅲor Euro Ⅳ   standard and the oil can be used directly in cars and ships.

10.Environmentally friendly

 The production process is absolutely environmentally-friendly. There are no smoke, no smell, no secondary pollution, and no” three wastes” emission. When the 

 equipment is running, there is only the normal sound, without other noise.

Ⅲ、Several unique systems

 1.Catalytic thermal cracking reactor

  The device is designed to completely overcome the shortcomings of current vertical and horizontal heat unevenness, easy breakage, low output and short service life. 

  The tube and kettle combination designed by our company with the remote heating method overcomes the above shortcomings, improves the cracking speed of the raw materia   ls, avoids the preheating process of the raw materials, and achieved continuous mass production.

 2.Slag system      

  The unique high-temperature continuous slag discharge system makes the slag discharge fully automatic, and has the advantages of fast slag discharge and clean slag dis   charge.


 3.Environmental protection system

  Soot: The wet flue dust removal and dry S-shaped dust-proof system designed by our company, work with the desulfurization dust collector, the dust removal rate is over   95%, and the smoke emission can reach the relevant standards of GB 13271-2001. Completely solved the problem of black smoke and not environmental protection. The dust   is removed through the wet dust chamber and the dry S-shaped dust chamber, and the smoke is discharged to the standard. Because the induced draft fan device is used,

  the chimney can be as buried form.


Waste residue: After the waste tire is subjected to catalytic thermal cracking, the residue is a solid residue, which can be used as a raw material for producing industrial carbon black, or can be mixed with coal powder ash produced by a coal-fired power plant as a coal powder ash brick ( A raw material for environmentally friendly 

building materials).


Waste water: In the whole production process, only the condenser and the cooler use water, and it is used for cooling and can be recycled. In the process, the 

neutralization reaction principle can be used for neutralization treatment due to the small amount of wastewater.

The process of producing diesel oil and fuel oil with NX series unit is simple and safe. The whole production process is carried out at normal pressure. The raw materials and catalysts are directly put into the cracking and pyrolysising reaction device to heat, catalyze, crack and cool the refined oil.

Our equipment is an environmentally-friendly universal equipment at atmospheric pressure, which can treat all kinds of waste oil.

The equipment is divided into two parts: one is the cracking and pyrolysising reaction area, and the other is the refining treatment area. The cracking and pyrolysising 

reaction area is as follows:

Basic overview of cracking and pyrolysising areas:

  1. The raw material enters the cracking and pyrolysising reaction device through the feeding hole. The inside of the reaction device is equipped with two burners (heating  for 45 minutes before the equipment). The heat of the burner is 400,000 kcal and 800,000 kcal. There are also four sets of environmentally friendly

    burners on the outsi  de of the reaction unit.

2.Under certain conditions, the raw material forms a mixed gas after the cracking and pyrolysising reaction in the reaction device and enters the reverse process 

 fractionation tower. The qualified product enters the cooling system for cooling, and the unqualified product returns to the reaction through the reverse process 

 fractionation tower. The reaction continues in the device until the product is qualified.

3.The sprinkler system is the dust and heat generated during the production process of the equipment. Finally, only a small amount of water vapor and carbon dioxide are 

 discharged from the chimney.

4.The chimney is optional, it can be placed horizontally or vertically.

Basic overview of refining processing area

The product formed in the cracking cracking reaction zone enters the cooling system for cooling, in which cooling medium is required (because of different conditions 

such as region, temperature, etc., the cooling medium is also different, generally water)

Then there will be some flammable gas that cannot be liquefied at normal temperature, that is, methane to butane. This part of the gas returns to the environmentally 

friendly burner of the measuring device through the pipeline for subsequent heating of the equipment, and part of it is the mixing liquids after cooling, which enter the oil-water separation system through the pipeline (different material go into the passage of the oil, the passage of the water, the passage of the gas). Due to the 

different specific gravity, the gas rises (CO, SO2, SO3, H2S, NH3, etc.) and enters the gas temporary storage tank through the anti-back fire device.

Gas anti-back fire devices have three functions:


2.Gas physical and chemical indicators treatment

3.Gas filtration.

The water enters the water treatment system through the pipeline, and the treated water can be used as a cooling medium for the utilization of circulating water, and the excess water can be directly discharged into the soil. The oil enters the oil catalytic system through the pipeline, and the oil is sedimented, that is, the oil is 

decolorized, deodorized and remove colloid by the addition of chemical reagents, and then the oil enters the refined processing system for refining. Exquisite treatment, then enter the ultimate processing system, and finally the refined oil will be transported through the underground pipeline to the oil depot, the oil depot need to be 

at least 30 meters away from the production area. The two oil sampling ports are the gasoline sampling port and the diesel sampling port. The upper oil natural filter 

filters the oil, and the extracted oil sample can be tested.