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Writer:Nengxing    time:10/11/2020

Straw and grass fermentation to refine biodiesel

The key to the production of end-product C8 light diesel oil by cracking and pyrolysis of straw and vegetation after fermentation is the dual "biochemical long carbon chain and short carbon chain change" reaction.

project introduction

Chinese invention patent and proprietary technology inventor- Mr. Guan Lixiang, finally successfully developed a kind of high-tech new energy product- straw vegetation waste converts into biodiesel after more than 20 years painstaking research, obtained patent of PRC, with patent number ZL201620409770.6. China Shenyang Nengxing Technology fills a gap of domestic and foreign technology. Any material that can burns on the ground surface like straw, grass, paper, trees, leaves, wood, tires, plastics, asphalt, waste oil, clothing, carpet, shoes and hats, coal, shale, oil sludge, swill-cooked dirty oil, grain, excrement and urine, etc. about 300 thousand biomass regroup and form natural gas and petroleum immediately by applying exclusive patent equipment and technology of Nengxing, biology NX---DNA transposon, after fermenting from normal atmospheric temperature to 60 degrees, molecular fission and the organic matter  carbon, hydrogen and oxygen chains are broken instantaneously. It may achieve 9% combustible gas and 70% petroleum! These materials will form combustible gas and petroleum through the earth's crust for hundreds of millions of years, it will come true in an hour by applying technology and equipment of Nengxing! It is another milestone in the creation of new energy and strategic energy in the world! Modern assembly line automation equipment of Nengxing, energy saving, low carbon, environmental protection, atmospheric computer control, annual capacity is 10 thousand tons to 10 million tons. Nengxing Technology - Leading International - Once Investment - Permanent Beneficial! From now on, service for all over the world! Visiting and investigating, operating on site, producing combustible gas and petroleum immediately. Nengxing technology—benefiting mankind! Realizing the soaring dream of the world economy. The product is made from various kinds of plant straw, rural waste like hay, municipal combustible waste, industrial hydrocarbon waste, and forest garbage (hereinafter referred to as organic recycling resources) as raw materials, mixed fermentation after being processed by crushing with some waste heavy hydrocarbon raw materials, grouping of trans hydrogen conversion factors of intermediate switching bio oil fermentation lines; by using hydrogen and carbon in organic carbon, hydrogen and carbon, molecules are targeted to hydrocarbon structure molecular reforming and localization, low carbon fermentation and brewing of low carbon atmospheric pressure biomass alkylated liquid hydrocarbon, so as to obtain biodiesel.

Fermented hydrogenated diesel oil raw material

All kinds of particle fuel, farmland withered grass, firewood, straw, surface vines and other garbage; All kinds of forestry tree branches defoliation, discarded newspaper in city life, carton, old clothes, old shoes, hydrocarbon garbage, organic life discarded garbage, industrial waste asphalt, tires, residual oil etc. hydrocarbon etc. in the nature, which are generally referred to as the garbage "organic recycling resources ". 300,000 organic substances can be used as raw materials resources for the environmental low-carbon (straw & grass and wood) fermentation diesel, after the national energy primary authority department detection and indicates: it can replace petroleum and coal tar energy resources.

The technical process of the project adopts molecular level biological factor flow permeability technology(international high-end level), all kinds of organic resources of recycling waste are fermented under low temperature atmospheric pressure, which make all kinds of organic medium initial boiling light diesel oil at 60 ℃, which fills domestic and foreign technology gap. Fermentation diesel technology belongs to the national new energy industrialization policy project.

Basic procedure: Material sorting → The molecules liquefied fermentation in themselves → Molecular extreme energy gelatinization fermentation → Ordinary pressure anti-gravity filling hydrogen distillation → Measure the quality of refined diesel → Environmental protection low-carbon → Energy conservation and emission reduction → Ferment various of particles at low temperature and normal pressure → Kinds of organic garbage forerun light diesel oil at 60 ℃, which can replace thermal cracking of tires and tires refining oil. Fermenting various kinds of particles into the equivalents that can replace petroleum. China Shenyang Nengxing ferments light diesel oil environmentally, ( Market price: 5000 yuan/ton), low carbon produced anaerobic carbon crystals(Prices range from RMB600 yuan to RMB60,000 yuan per ton). Fermenting particles brew light diesel oil, the production equipment runs at ordinary pressure and safe technology, which is easy to operate, the project scale reaches a million tons/year designing environmental impact assessment, the feasible research has passed through the expert review of provincial department and national relevant departments. For running and processing per ton fermented raw materials by using the production equipment of fermentation diesel, the comprehensive profit is: more than 1280 yuan. The direct cost of raw material for every ton of straw & grass and wood: 200yuan/ton, which can ferments light diesel oil 26.5%, residue 42.5%, gas 17.5%, and water 13.5%. The technology of fermenting light diesel oil in environmental low carbon way(national testing -35# qualified),profit of one ton:2000 yuan /ton.

Basic principles and core technologies

The fermentation key of straw grass is double reactions of "biochemical long carbon chain and short carbon chain change". It has strong and accurate deoxidation and dehydration function to the molecular structure of sunshine biomass (crop straw, hay, plant branch leaves and other carbohydrates) . Meantime the changes of organic long carbon chains and short carbon chains will make C8-C24 solutions of dissociation and broken bond for heavy hydrocarbons "Polycyclic, Heterocyclic, Biomass Propagation". This produces a plurality of hydrogen ions that are decomposed by the carbohydrate free radical component, and received by the dilapidated end of C-C, constitute a new light hydrocarbon of the C8-C24 carbon chain biodiesel with small molecule structure.

At the appropriate temperature and the role of long and short carbon chain accelerants, plants and crops dry powder will make fermentation deoxidation. High temperature will stop the metabolism and life of microorganism, microbial cell fragments of affinity lipids still have the ability to adsorb other factors. At this time, non-standard factor bundles have become indefinite "amino acid" active hydrogen loading groups, and militate with rich-carbon, which reacted in heavy hydrogen compounds, in the same conditional space. The long carbon chain and short carbon chain promote the cleavage reaction, to make bond dissociation of the heavy hydrocarbon heterocyclic hydrocarbon and polycyclic naphthene. Free low-level light components of small molecular chain numerous hydrocarbon (extreme unsaturated hydrocarbons), to transit to the space between modifying plants and molecular cell plasmids of crops dry powder cellulose. In order to increase the biochemical reaction " strength", using a long and short carbon chain accelerator to make twice and thrice additional layer of catalytic reaction, and designated brewing sublimation lift force and the export of reaction of biological distillation, thus obtain new energy from three hundred thousand kinds of combustible substances on the surface of the earth - biodiesel (alkyl C8-C24, that is, diesel components) .

Core technology: carbon in long carbon chain heavy hydrocarbons and hydrogen in medium carbon chain constitute the active "DNA", a heavy hydrocarbon. The material has one end of lipophilic molecular structure. Under sublimation heat conditions, it is necessary to ensure the positive input of the organism of the other side of the hydrophilic base dissolves, making an accurate transition to the heavy hydrocarbon heterocycle structure, according to the original sublimation process temperature continuously act on the key position of hydrocarbon chain of C8-C24, to make it changed, while itself is still fixed in the carbon chain in the group.

Combined free radical accelerator: this use NXTN series of technology, long and short carbon chain accelerator is the parent alkyl in the nature of straw, containing a large number of organic active substances. According to the ratio of the product of the counting plate to make the active hydrogen of the hydrocarbons in the straw grass brewing, the long and short carbon chain accelerator reacts with the C-C bond energy in the heavy hydrocarbon component, and the catalytic imbalance dissociation is proportional. Using straw grass hydroxyl radical ions to accept the small molecules from dissociation, said hydrocarbon molecules residual carbon, to maintain the molecular surface tension balance. In the exchange process of two-way cross-flow factor, a considerable number of cellulose, hemicellulose, structural cellulose, lignin obtain hydroxyl free radicals of hydrogen ions before Biochemical overheating carbonization, modified in the participation of amphoteric mixed liquid phase recombination, and finally produce biodiesel.

Economic Benefits

The oil produced by this technology are tested by the national recognized organization SGS, it meets the standard in all over the world, the real oil yield rate of per ton raw material can reach 25.6%—70%, the price of produced biodiesel in China can reach RMB 4000 yuan/ton- RMB 6000yuan/ton, the profit is RMB 1500 yuan- RMB 3500 yuan.

The profit analysis of processing 200 tons/day of straw and grass is asfollows:

Profit analysis of straw and grass

Name               Unit  Quantity   Unitprice(CnY)    Totalprice(CNY)

Straw                ton       200               300                   60000

Refined oil        ton        50                4000                 200000

Daily profit                                                                  140000

The end product C8 light diesel produced by straw and grass, tested by international SGS and China national testing department, all technical indicators have reached the level of similar products in different countries in the world, moreover, in aspect of the investment for large-scale factory construction and the energy consumption indicators on production and operation are less than 80% of the current production consumption. There is no three waste emission in the production base, the environmental optimization rate is higher than the current production. This technology is processed with fully enclosed situation, there is no smoke, no smell, the environmental protection can reach any national standard.

Straw and grass are inexhaustible, they are the world’s largest renewable energy.

The eighth generation environmental protection refining equipment from China Shenyang Nengxing fills the gap of the world -- with normal pressure, safe, low carbon, environmental protection, energy conservation, computer-control automation, it can produce the standard oil in accordance with any country, diesel label can reach 0#, -10#, -20#, -35#, can be directly used to any diesel vehicles, the working life of the equipment can be up to 20 years.