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Waste tire oil refining equipment

Waste tires are cracked and pyrolyzed to produce gasoline and diesel at one time. Smokeless, tasteless, no secondary pollution, no three wastes discharged.

Ⅰ. Range of raw materials



Ⅱ、The advanced nature of NX equipment

 1、Patent characteristics

   The equipment uses the reverse process of Chinese patent inventor-Guan Lixiang. This process is the initiation at home and abroad. It can produce oil quickly and rea    ct quickly with tube and kettle combination. The speed of processing is 3-4 times of other processes.

 2、The material of the equipment is good and its price is low.

   In the same technical field, our equipments are the most advanced, the price are the cheapest and have the best quality. 

 3、Size is small.

   The equipment is small. Its floor space is small but the processing capacity is great. 

 4、The usable life is long.

   The equipment has special anti-corrosion structure, and its usable life can last 16 years.

 5、Security is high.

   The equipment is with normal pressure, environmental and multi-functional equipment. It has anti-back fire device. It greatly improves the safety of the equipment.

   The specific functions of anti-back fire device are: make the gas to reach the physical and chemical standard, filtrates the gas, anti-back fire.     

 6、The requirement for raw materials is low.

   The raw materials don’t need to be cleaned or classified.

 7、Feeding raw material, discharging residues and producing oil continuously.

   In the high-temperature, it can feed raw materials, discharge residues and produce oil at normal temperature. There is no smoke, no secondary pollution. It is

   environmental protection for the whole production and suitable for certain scale with batch production. 

 8、Saving energy

   The gas which is processed by gas-treatment device can provide self-heating. The former 45 minutes need outside energy, the further energy can be generated through 

   the device itself, greatly save the external energy.


 9、The quality of oil is good.

   Our equipments can produce oil at one time. The fractionating tower has special structure; we do not need to add catalysts in the reacting, meanwhile separate out 

   oil of different grades. The oil can immediately become clear and transparent, and never back to original color. The quality of the oil complies with Euro Ⅲor Euro

   Ⅳstandard and the oil can be used directly in cars and ships.

 10、Environmentally friendly

   The production process is absolutely environmentally-friendly. There are no smoke, no smell, no secondary pollution, and no” three wastes” emission. When the 

   equipment is running, there is only the normal sound, without other noise.

Several unique systems

1.Catalytic thermal cracking reactor

 The device is designed to completely overcome the shortcomings of current vertical and horizontal heat unevenness, easy breakage, low output and short service life. The  tube and kettle combination designed by our company with the remote heating method overcomes the above shortcomings, improves the cracking speed of the raw materials, a  voids the preheating process of the raw materials, and achieved environmental protection in the production process.

2.Slag system      

 The slag is discharged at normal temperature, which has the advantages of safe slag discharge, fast slag discharge, and clean slag.

3.Environmental protection system

 Waste residue: After the waste tire is subjected to catalytic thermal cracking, the residue is a solid residue, which can be used as a raw material for producing 

 industrial carbon black, or can be mixed with coal powder ash produced by a coal-fired power plant as a coal powder ash brick ( A raw material for environmentally 

 friendly bu  ilding materials).


Waste water: In the whole production process, only the condenser and the cooler use water, and it is used for cooling and can be recycled. In the process, the neutraliza          tion reaction principle can be used for neutralization treatment due to the small amount of wastewater.

Exhaust gas: Environmentally friendly combustion system

         In the process of refining diesel and fuel oil from tires, desulfurization and dealcoholization device in the equipment can remove the sulfur contained in 

         the raw materials. There are some combustible gases that cannot be liquefied at normal temperature and normal pressure, and if they are directly discharged,          they may cause air pollution. The medium-pressure exhaust gas burner independently developed by our company has effectively solved this problem. The 

         exhaustgas passes through two safety devices, the water seal and the anti-back fire device, and is fully burned at the bottom of the furnace through the 

         normal pressure environmentally friendly burner. On the one hand, it can prevent air pollution, on the other hand, it can save a lot of fuel.

Ⅲ The basic technical parameters of NX-100 equipment

 1、 Water: 3 cubic meters of circulating water is equipped with a fire fighting pool.

 2、Equipment installation: 380V power supply is required


 3、 The frequency is: 50-100 Hz


 4、Equipment workshop area: 400-1300 square meters.


 5、 Equipment area: about 300 square meters.


 6、Equipment specifications: 35.5 meters long, 9.2 meters wide, and the highest point is 6 meters.


 7、Equipment weight: about 20 tons


 8、Personnel required for equipment control: 3-4

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