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Analysis of refining oil from waste engine oil

Writer:Nengxing    time:12/10/2020

Waste oil refers to waste lubricating oil replaced from various machines, vehicles and ships. The production process is due to the large amount of colloids and oxides produced by the external pollution during the use of the lubricating oil to reduce or even lose its effects of controlling friction, reducing wear, cooling and cooling, sealing isolation, reducing vibration, etc. and has to be replaced. In the composition of waste engine oil, in addition to containing 2% -10% of metamorphic substances, the remaining 90% to 98% are good ingredients and are completely reusable. Sources of raw materials for waste motor oil: (Various types of automobile repair shops, motorcycle repair points, large machinery in mines of various factories, ships, agricultural vehicles, agricultural machinery, water pumps, tractors, transformers, generator sets, power units, etc. Motor oil), the purchase price of waste motor oil (according to the national market average price): about 2500 yuan per ton.

Lubricating oil is widely used in the quenching and lubrication of engines, transmissions, gears and turbine transmissions of automobiles, ships, various industrial machinery and equipment, water tanks and cooling systems, automatic gearboxes, gear oils (for manual gearboxes), brakes and clutch systems , Crankcases, power system transformers and various mechanical transmission parts, etc., the scope of use is very wide. The oil used in large machinery, ships, or large and small cars must be replaced at least once a month, and the price of oil is well known. Even if it is expensive, all units must use it, and the number can only increase. cut back.

China's industrial economy is developing steadily. The number of vehicles, motor vehicles, ships, machinery and other equipment has also been increasing. The demand market for lubricants has gradually increased, combining the existing oil storage capacity, the difficulty of oil extraction and the increase in lubricants. Increased demand, the base oil after the regeneration of waste engine oil has gradually become the raw materials for various lubricant manufacturers to purchase due to the advantages of advanced technology, many raw materials, easy collection, large product volume and stable supply, and low production costs. Market prospects It is a benign development.